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AI CHATBOTS Consulting Services

What are Chatbots and how can they help your business?

Imagine you had a perfect, reliable customer service rep that ALWAYS …

  • gives the right answers
  • asks the right questions
  • engages and retains clients
  • is always prompt and on time
  • keeps data safe
  • works 24/7
  • pleasant and polite
  • costs less than a TV subscription
  • multi-lingual
  • catches on quick with no training
one AI architect on the 1 hand, a traditional team on the other
With the help of an A.I. Architect that specializes in chatbots for locally owned businesses, you can achieve more in less time. This means increased profits and staying ahead of the competition.
The next giant leap for humankind is A.I.   Take the leap with us.→

Schedule a 1-1, 15 minute consult with a top Architect to discover if our services are right for you ( $20 non-refundable retainer ).

Chatbots & artificial intelligence

Revolutionize Your Customer Service

A Customized Chat Bot Can Boost Your Business By:

  • Answering General Questions
    • “Are you open tomorrow?”
  • Answering Client-Specific Questions
    • “When is my rent due?”
  • Getting Feedback From Clients
    • “Did you know your hours are wrong on google maps?”
  • Directing Clients
    • client: “I need a repair.”
    • chatbot: “Please provide 3 dates and times we can send out an agent.”
  • Multiple Languages
    • client: “Cuando pago la renta?”
    • chatbot: “La fecha de vencimiento para el pago es el 31 de octubre de 2021.”
Why one Architect Vs Traditional Teams?

Remember when only Silicone Valley startups had the capital to harness the power of science to get ahead of everyone else and even leapfrog over giant corporations? Now, thanks to revolutionary tech such as chatGPT, a local business owner has access to the same tools that tech startups have been using for years. The kicker is that you can now get the same advantages for a much lower rate, and one person can build it for you. Now, you can do what the startup nerds have been doing for years. Partner with us, and we will do it cheaper, smarter, faster, and for those reasons, better.

Comparison of 1 bad-ass AI architect vs a traditional team.
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Unlocking Online Potential: Harnessing A.I. and SEO Expertise for Small Business Growth

Rank further up and get more leads, period. We bring you the data science secret sauces that kept large corporations and Silicone Valley startups ahead in the past. drive targeted, organic traffic to your doorstep.

3 Ingredients That Leverage Businesses’ Website’s Ranking On Search Engine Results Pages

  • intelligent automation
  • data-driven
  • advanced analytics

A generative AI-powered SEO strategy combines the best of both worlds – the precision of A.I. algorithms and the optimization techniques of SEO. This strategic blend improves search engine results.

Business-minded Proficiency in SEO Can Revolutionize a Small Business’s Online Presence

  • increase visibility
  • attract qualified traffic
  • ultimately drive growth
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Unleash the Power of A.I. in People Management

People Management is Simpler With a Boost From Artificial Intelligence
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HR AI Solutions can help transform your HR department into a strategic business driver.