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What is an AI Agent and how can it help your business?

Imagine you had a perfect, reliable customer service rep that ALWAYS …

  • gives the right answers
  • asks the right questions
  • engages and retains clients
  • is always prompt and on time
  • keeps data safe
  • works 24/7
  • pleasant and polite
  • costs less than a TV subscription
  • multi-lingual
  • catches on quick with no training

AI Chatbots interact with users. They are able to understand natural language, providing instant responses and are available 24/7.

The openAI platform has now made it possible for everyone to have versions of ai chatbots. Any tasks, including computing, automation, data analytics, content generation, is now simplified with the new GPT Agents. They are still in beta testing, but are already transforming many businesses.

Case Studies/ Success Stories/ Examples

Our AI Chatbots in Action

This AI agent is a demo product that is running live on a solar panels lead generation website. It uses a low-code solution. By connecting the GPT Agent to AirTable CRM and Voiceflow through replit, a potential customer is able to get real-time questions by a real openAI chatbot that is programmed with a powerful knowledgebase.
The blue “Call Live Representative” button is tracked via Callsling, a powerful tool that tracks all internet traffic and can be set to record incoming and outgoing phone calls and SMS messages that are triggered via the site button.

Live Chatbot Running Latest Chatbot Technology

The green chatbot on the bottom right of Solar Amigos’ website is a WordPress chatbot that was the simpler, less expensive solution October 2023. However it uses a Vector DB that costs minimally $70/month and needs lots of maintenance, hence the solution above, with the orange bubble, leaped ahead as best option. Scroll through SolarAmigos to find the strategically placed orange chatbot.

This AI agent demo, Rent Success, is a sample website showcasing our solutions that keep data safe behind reliable cybersecurity measures. This agent is hosted in AWS and is intended for businesses with cybersafety at top of mind. It is created to prevent cyber attacks by limiting the number of interactions as a demo.

This chatbot is able to answer questions typically answered by a receptionist or business owner. The data on the left is the only “context” the AI Agent is allowed to give answers about, and is updated live via APIs while not keeping any sensitive user data in its databases.

Sample Website With AWS Security for Client-Specific Chatbot

More graphics can be added to make it look like a chatbot, or whatever design the end user would be most satisfied with.

The data is scraped from a rental lease, then scrubbed of personal data, and is ALWAYS available to the client upon login whether AI API endpoints are available or not. Not dependent on private client data or openAI.

GPT sample agent
Month Year Rent Due Paid On Status
January 2023 $1050.00 1st Paid
February 2023 $1050.00 1st Paid
March 2023 $1050.00 2nd Paid
April 2023 $1050.00 null Late
Detail Description
Address [Redacted for security]
Beginning Date 11/01/2020
Termination Notice 30 days Total
Security Deposit $1050.00
End Date 10/31/2021
Guest Stays staying no more than 7 days
Pet Deposit $200.00
Pet Security Deposit does not include an animal deposit
Total Rent $1050.00
Begin Late Fee 3rd
Bounced Check $25.00
Animal Rent NA
Pest Control NA
Repairman $50.00
Animal Violation Initial $100.00 Daily
Utilities $50.00
Reletting $892.50
Insurance required to buy insurance
Provisions Kitchen range is property of and is provided to Resident by Owner
Amendments Insurance, No Smoking Lease, Mold Information and Prevention, Bed Bug, Limited Waiver of Rights and Protections Under the U.S. Servicemembers Civil Relief, Residential Lease

Paco the Taco is our ai sales agent that helps a taco company train its employees on proper sales techniques. If you do not have an openAI GPT4 account, you can watch a video of Paco the Taco in action here.

The following GPT Agent requires you to have an openAI GPT4 account.

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One Ai Architect On The 1 Hand, A Traditional Team On The Other Showing Ai Agent
With the help of an A.I. Architect that specializes in increasing revenue and reducing time to production, you can achieve more in less time. This means increased profits and staying ahead of the competition.

Revolutionize Your Customer Service with AI Agents

Revolutionize Your Customer Service

A Customized Agent Can Boost Your Business By:

  • Answering General Questions
    • “Are you open tomorrow?”
  • Answering Client-Specific Questions
    • “When is my rent due?”
  • Getting Feedback From Clients
    • “Did you know your hours are wrong on google maps?”
  • Directing Clients
    • client: “I need a repair.”
    • chatbot: “Please provide 3 dates and times we can send out an agent.”
  • Multiple Languages
    • client: “Cuando pago la renta?”
    • chatbot: “La fecha de vencimiento para el pago es el 31 de octubre de 2021.”

Always-On Service

Chatbots offer round-the-clock assistance.

Personalized Interactions

AI agents can offer tailored responses based on customer data.

Operational Efficiency

Chatbots can automate routine tasks and free up human resources for more complex queries.

Custom AI Chatbot Development

Customization and Branding

  • We can tailor chatbots to fit your brand’s voice and style.

Integration with Existing Systems

  • Our chatbots can integrate with clients’ CRM, ERP, etc.

Ongoing Support and Optimization

  • We are committed to post-launch support and continual improvements.
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